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Model & Location Search


I'm always looking for models in general as well as models with a twist.

Typically we'll start with a test shoot, and from there work on a bigger shoot. I often use assistants/make up artist when shooting. 

My offer to you is Time For Prints/CD. In other words I can't offer you money when working

with me. But instead I will make a CD-Rom with the best shots from our photoshoot - ready for printing and development.

I always aim for both the model and the photographer to have fun in a relaxed environment when shooting.

If it isn't fun it's not worth it!

So if you like my work and want to have your pictures taken by me - please do not hesitate

to contact me on email |

I would appreciate if you attach a photo of yourself and a description of who you are along

with your height and weight measurements.


I'm always looking for new locations (old warehouses, industrial settings, barns, hotels,

private homes, places with minimalistic interior and other interesting surroundings).

So if you own a place or know about somewhere that you think might be of interest to me - please do write me an email |

I look forward to hearing from you.