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As long as I can remember – I think as far back as when I was 6-7 years old – I have had the same reoccurring dream or at least the same theme of dreams.

As a child it was that I found myself discovering unknown parts of the neighbourhood that I lived in – alone but experiencing and discovering on my bicycle or just walking around.

When I think of it the dream hasn’t changed much through the years. The places have become more nuanced but the underlying wish for finding out what lies around the next corner, the curiosity and the desire to explore unfamiliar places has always been the same.

This dream has always had great influence in the way I work with photography. Especially in my city and landscape photography the curiosity, the melancholy, the hope and the dreams are most often my inspiration and motivation.

Other influences are movies, music, arts and other photographers. Henri Cartier Bresson and his fantastic ability to work with the available light, Jeanloup Sieff for his pictures of Paris and Marc Homs portraits are eternal sources of inspiration.

Last, but not least a special thanks to my good friend photographer Kim Nielsen - his help and encouragement has been of great value to me.

And of course a special thanks to the subjects and models - for making this site possible.

Thanks for watching.



July '07 | 3 pics of Sarah

Featured in a Danish book on portrait photography.

"Portrætfotografering - Digital fotooptagelse og billedbehandling for alle".

Curated work

24. april 2010 at Jensen's Indramning og Kunsthandel, Horsens, Denmark

(curated by Phuc Van Dang)